Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Been busy being an incubator and Mama on bed rest. Little man is now here, but now my scanner is broken. Little miss tried to scan her bum. :) Guess life just happens. We are working on getting a new scanner as I have posted everything that has been scanned. So hopefully when life settles down a bit (meaning new routine with two kiddos) I'll get more photos up. It will probably be after the holidays....

Happy Holidays! xoxoxo - Janice

Friday, June 5, 2009

Joan & Jule Wedding album

This album was made by Mari Kreyling Yunker for her parents. I scanned it so everyone can enjoy it. I was having issues uploading in order (Kaylee was being "helpful".) So the book is not in the right order (too tired to fix it), but I hope you don't mind. Grandma loves this book. Hope you do too. :)

** "Hi Janice, the picture at Joan and Jules wedding reception was at 57 fern ave Irvington NJ.the picture of the 2 boys (everyone celebrated)the boy on the right is me." -John Buro**

John Buro is Joan's nephew. As stated above he is the young man on the right.

Joan in her bathing suit.

Jule in his bathing suit.

Paul, Mari, and Joan (Mom)

Paul Swinging

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Misc. Jonkoski

Anna D. Platz's prayer card. Died June 14, 1954

Misc. Jonkoski

Mary Dassing's prayer card.

Misc. Jonkoski

Says: Love Betty Lou

Olga Conklin entered into Eternal Rest February 22, 1973

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Olga and Dorthy


Joseph P. Jonkoski & misc. Jonkoski

Joseph P. Jonkoski died November 3, 1951.

Richard Jonkoski is on the left.